E94: Mitch Carson On The Categories Of Speeches & How To Become A Successful Public Speaker

Mitch Carson

Public Speaking & Sales Expert, Creates Celebrities With International Speaking Stages

Mitch Carson

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Mitch is an experienced speaker and seminar promoter who has been on the platform throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia, United Arab Emirates and New Zealand.  Responsible for placing over 1,000,000+ buying units in conference halls in multiple niches and categories. Turned unprofitable categories and seminar companies into cash-positive operations.

He also has produced several short-form infomercials that have aired on Home Shopping Network (HSN), QVC and international markets grossing over 8 figures in sales over the airways and through retail channels. He wrote a column in The Glazer-Kennedy newsletter for three years. A paid subscription newsletter that is considered the cutting edge publication for the small business and information publishing markets.

He personally read more than 100 books per year over the last several years.  Categories would include marketing, sales, direct marketing, promotional products, PR, direct sales, online PR, social media, social media marketing, direct mail, dimensional mail, 3-D mail, lumpy mail, seminar marketing, Google adwords, organic search, article marketing, bookmarking, pinging, podcasting, blogging and video marketing via YouTube and Viddler.

He was also featured in 200+ newspapers worldwide. This includes the Sydney Morning Herald, Los Angeles Times, Roll Call, and The Wall Street Journal and hosted a radio show on 97.1 CBS Radio in Los Angeles for over one year. Now he is the author of The Silent Salesmen which is published by John Wiley and Sons.

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Interview Questions

• How did you start in public speaking space?
• Why someone should become a public speaker?
• What do you think it takes to become a public speaker?
• How long usually it takes for in your programs speak in Dubai and rest of countries for someone from scratch to become a public speaker?
• What are the types of speeches?
• What are the categories of speeches?
• How people can reach you?