Thank You DUBAI

I feel that Dubai is many things. It is the city of near perfection, possibilities, and great opportunities. It is the city where nothing is impossible and the achievements are grand. It is also the city of the tallest, biggest and most luxurious things in the world.

I have learned a lot in Dubai, just watching what goes on in the streets. From massive construction projects to an unbelievable infrastructure of roads and bridges, you can learn from everything you see. Even the way that municipality workers do their jobs in the street, day and night, with intricate organization, like bees is something to observe and take note of.


To me, Dubai is like a blessing from God. I learned from everything within this city; from the companies that I worked for, my bosses, my colleagues, the people that I managed, the people that I met, to the wise government of the city, the great system that is applied in every corner and the different people living together from different cultures. It is unbelievable that more than 200 nationalities are living peacefully in one city. It is a testament to how different cultures can mix and communicate to live together in one place.

This visionary city is simply changed my vision and the way I look to my life and to myself, Dubai has made of me a totally different person, Dubai made me a more positive person, I’m so thankful and grateful for this city since day one, I didn’t see all the cities in the world but whenever I see more new cities my love for Dubai is increasing more because I just feel how perfect is this city from all aspects comparing with others, I love this city the most in the world even more than my home city.

Dubai has a kind of magic that is different from other places. When many people visit Dubai for the first time or live in it for a couple of months, you hear them say, “Well it’s a cool city, but so artificial or so and so.” I usually smile and tell them, “Well this city has its own (Super Glue). Once you live in it, then it’s very difficult to live far from it.” You will usually feel that you miss it a lot after you leave for a couple of weeks. Most people don’t recognize its real value until after living there for a couple of years. I feel at home in Dubai. I feel good when I see Dubai’s name anywhere, especially when I’m coming back to it. Once you get back home from being away, you see the perfection with fresh eyes and feel its uniqueness.

What I love about Dubai’s government and authorities is that they listen to any suggestion and study it, then implement it quickly if it has value for the city or its residents. They always look ahead to achieve more and they have no problem being criticized. They look forward to that criticism or feedback to improve and develop more. That’s why this city is No.1 in many things. The police in Dubai are the opposite compared to any other city. They are always trying to help people and support them; they are always loyal to the service of people.

Dubai has achieved prosperity, that of which most of the cities in the world need to learn from. Behind this great achievement, is a great leader Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. I’m inspired by this great character and his infinite vision. I’m inspired by one of his sayings, “Many [are] just talking, but we are achieving.” I feel that’s the best description for Dubai.

Thank you, Dubai, for everything and I hope that I can find more words to express how grateful I am for this great city. I hope that I can deliver my best to serve this city.

Batman Car In Dubai

While walking in the Dubai Mall, heading for lunch, my eyes saw something unique standing in the middle of the mall. It made my head turn immediately to see that amazing object! After adjusting my focus, I realized that I was standing in front of the car that appeared in Tim Burton’s 1989 film classic Batman. Behind the car in a glass box, you can see the engine. The construction of the car took three years and cost over a million dollars.

Now the Batman car is owned by the Emarati collector Ahmed Al Attar. The car is just amazing and I took pictures that you can see below.