Let Your Desire Lead the Journey

Have you found yourself stuck, wondering what you need to do next, what’s the next big step toward your goal? The main reason for that is a lack of desire.

Man Standing At Beginning Of Winding Road
Your desire is an essential thing to know before you decide where you are heading. You need to ask yourself over and over again if the thing you are planning to do is for you or not. Don’t try to live other people’s lives; be yourself and follow your passion and desire, otherwise you will get bored quickly and will quit easily. Choosing your path based on your desire is critical before you start any journey.

If you want to make money, then you should have the desire to make money and to overcome all the challenges, all the criticism that you’re going to face from your family and friends. You also should be strong enough to face the people who will laugh at you when you present your idea or fail in some ventures. Many people are watching what you are doing quietly — you know why? Because they are waiting for you to fail so they can come to you and say, “Well, we told you this is not going to work,” or, “This is very risky or hard.” They will tell you that not because you didn’t follow their great advice but to satisfy themselves. They need to justify why they are limited in their achievements or still employees and couldn’t dare to take a step further, because the fear is eating at them. You must have a strong desire to achieve what you want to achieve and prove the many haters wrong.

“The best revenge is massive success.” — Frank Sinatra

If you want to transition from employee to entrepreneur, then you should have the desire to take action. You should have the desire to suffer through the process for a certain number of years to achieve your dream. Make sure at the beginning that if you are not sure if you have the fortitude to suffer through the process that you select something that you enjoy to help keep you from quitting.

At the beginning, when I was doing some projects offline and online, I was thinking only about the things that I liked to do. But now that I have shifted into the business-through-automation mindset, I don’t care if I enjoy the project while I’m doing it or not, as long as I eliminate myself from the operations. If I am involved operationally, then I must enjoy it in order to do it.

The numbers don’t lie, whether it is a project that you like or you don’t like. So what you need to see is positive achievement — positive numbers — regardless if you enjoy this business or not. If you enjoy the game of making money but not the business itself, who cares? Many authors and experts talk about doing something that you love. For me, it’s not always the right advice, unless you are operationally involved. My advice to you is to do something that works.

Now I don’t care if I like a project or not. When I create a project, I care about if that project is going to add a certain amount of value for a certain group of people. If I’m convinced that the business is going to add value to certain customers — whether I’m passionate about it or not — I might get involved.

And with time as you build more experience, you will get to know that you’re right or not from the feedback that you are getting from your projects. Sometimes you have to jump into a project to test your inner voice and vision, and that’s what I enjoy now in the game of business. With time, you become better and better in the game, and you know more about where your desire is leading you.

Desire is all about you hankering or hoping to achieve something to get a certain result or outcome out of a certain journey. And you should keep motivating yourself to try and test different journeys till you figure out which journeys you enjoy the most, then focus on them.

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Question: What matters for you the most when you start any business that you are not involved in it operationally, passion or numbers? Please share your thoughts as comment below?