E92: Zarin Gillani On Finding Your Purpose

Zarin Gillani

          Life Purpose Coach Therapist, Counselor And Psychologist


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Dr. Zarin Gillani is a Life Purpose Coach, a Mentor, a Counselor, a Psychologist, and an Educator. She holds a Ph.D in both Clinical Psychology and Educational Psychology and has over 38 cumulative years of experience in both areas.

Currently practicing as a Life Purpose Coach Therapist, Dr. Zarin is certified through the Institute of Professional Coaching. She offers Personal Development and Professional Coaching using Core Energy techniques, as well as therapy. She has trained employees at companies such as Dell and Samsung. Her expertise ranges from assisting individual employees and groups with personal and corporate development, to assisting companies with the establishment of best practices in order to promote maximum success and profitability.

She has been a member and contributor of Toast Masters for 12 years, leading their Leadership Development efforts, and is a regular member on their evaluation panels. In October 2015, she was recognized as an Honored Member of the National Association of Distinguished Professionals and was featured in the “Women of Distinction” Magazine. Dr. Zarin is an experienced educator as well as a Leadership Skills Trainer. Creating custom training modules and coaching programs is just one of the many services she has offered to meet the specific needs of her clients.

Dr. Zarin offers a broad spectrum of services and experience. She focuses on building people to enhance awareness of their own skills. As a certified trainer in Dr. Steven Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and the “8th Habit – Finding your Voice”, Dr. Zarin uses proven strategies so that trainees receive the maximum benefit from staff development opportunities.

Dr. Zarin has been involved in Community Institutional services since her youth. Her experience spans over 3 decades and she receives great fulfillment and joy by giving back to the community.

Interview Questions

• What is purpose?
• If someone has no higher calling and just want to live and die, what would you say to them?
• What would you say to the people who lives in a survival mode like just sleeping, eating and wasting time?
• What would you say about people who think their purpose is just to rise their kids, is that a reasonable purpose or calling?
• What is the difference between vision and purpose?