E93: Anita Clifford On Corporate Coaching & Employees Motivation

Anita Clifford

          Anita Clifford is a Corporate & Career Coach, Communication & Leadership Trainer, Speaker


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My vision is to be instrumental in helping companies create a high performing, healthy and happy work environment. My passion to help people achieve their life’s purpose has led me to take my work experience of 20 + years and my life experiences together with my years of hands on training in Leadership, Communication and Coaching and put together programs that bring about instant results that is rewarding to individuals and their organisations alike.

Professionalism and Integrity have always been and will continue to be the values that strongly stand by and uphold.


Executive Coaching -Career & Wellness, Management Consulting, Communication & Leadership Training, Personal Branding, Public Relations, People & Team Management, Training, Event Management, Performance Management, Strategic planning & Execution, Nero-linguistic Program, Risk Management, Compliance management.

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Interview Questions

• Why corporate needs coach?
• How to motivate employees in any corporation?
• Facing so many challenges in your past, what makes you to overcome from these challenges rather than to quit?
• Why you decided to become a corporate coach?
• How to boost the engagement and happiness of an employee in any organization?
• Do you agree that happiness is an event?