E17: Is Tattooing all your Face & Body and becoming a Controversial Character is the New Path for Personal Branding? – Interview With Loy Machedo

Loy Machedo

(A Personal Branding Strategist, Award-Winning Communicator, Public Speaking Expert and a Very Controversial Character)

Loy Machedo on Be Efficient Tv with Ahmed Al Kiremli

His favorite subjects are the 5C’s – Communication, Critical Thinking, Cognitive Psychology, Character analysis & Creativity

What’s Personal Branding? And how to Brand yourself Controversially

Video Interview

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Loy Machedo is A Personal Branding Strategist, Blogger, An Expert in Communication and Public Speaking and a Very Controversial Character

Loy Machedo has impressive Credentials.

Failed in School
Failed in College
Failed 1st Job as a Shopkeeper
Failed 1st Salary – Earning only 1,300 per Month
Failed in his Career – Couldn’t keep a Job for more than 6 months
Failed in having Savings – He has Zero Property & Money in the bank
Failed in Marriage – Divorced Twice
Failed 1st Impression – Tattooed Everywhere
Failed in Religion – He is an Atheist
Failed in Keeping Relationship – People consider him absolutely irritating
Failed Family Life – Given his above achievements, they Abandoned Him

Surprisingly, this academically uneducated, unwanted and unbearable personality
Works only 5 to 7 days a month,
Gets up at whatever time he wants, Sleeps whenever he wants and Does whatever he is passionate about.
And he is still able to pay his bills on time.

He is also an active blogger, writer & Book review critic. In 2 years he has written over 800 articles & completed book reviews of over 212 best selling books. On his Social Media Platform he is connected to over 48,000 people around the world.

He is a Voracious Reader & Researcher who reads only Non-Fiction Material only. His favorite subjects are the 5C’s – Communication, Critical Thinking, Cognitive Psychology, Character analysis & Creativity. Finally, his greatest achievement has been that he has been the Coach & Mentor to over 4 World Champion Speakers and that he Ran from Sharjah to Burj Al Arab – 47km – 8 hours that too Barefoot.

Today, he trains & mentors people who are twice his age, who have ten times his bank balance and who are a 100 times more accomplished than he is – in the Art of BCD – Branding, Communication & Development.

And that is why Loy Machedo epitomizes one can achieve true happiness if only one finds out his true self and remains true to himself.

Ladies & Gentlemen –

This is whom the world calls ‘The Tattooed Trainer’

The one and only – Loy Machedo

My name is Loy Machedo and I am the Middle East’s Only Personal Branding Strategist, Award-Winning Communicator, Coach of World-Ranked Speaker & a Student of Self-Learning

I’ve Coached 36 Under-19 Nationally Ranked Public Speaking Champions, 17 UAE Speaking Champions, 3 Middle East Speaking Champions, 3 International Champions Finalist, 2 World Ranked Champion Speaking Finalist, 2 World Debating Champion Finalist.

And in the Corporate World, I’ve Mentored 4 CEO’s of Multinational Companies, 43 Middle Level Manager & over 1,639 Job Seekers.

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Interview Questions

  • So you failed in many jobs, school, 2 marriages, your family left you, you are failing everyday in the first impression of people because you are fully tattooed, wanted to commit suicide many times and also failed in that, your life was full of struggles and failures so brief us about your life struggles and how did you manage to stand on your feet again?
  • What happened to you when you wanted to achieve your dream in the Radio industry?
  • You look very nice and emotional person when somebody starts talking to you, at the same time you are very controversial as you do so many things that looks so crazy in the eyes of others, you read many psychology books and I’m sure that you tried to analyze your character so can you analyze it for us?
  • What’s Personal Branding?
  • How people or companies can brand themselves, from where to start or what to focus on?
  • Why you decided to tattoo all your body and face?
  • From 1-100% how much you regret some of your tattoos? Which ones you regret the most and why?
  • Your message is always clear that you are tying to be yourself and teach people to be themselves but don’t you think that after certain numbers of years you might discover that your tattoos are not really representing you and then decide to remove it but the problem is its not so easy to remove these tattoos?
  • Is it wise to tattoo yourself for personal branding reasons?
  • As consultant and mentor what are the types of consultation services that you provide?
  • How much you charge per hour for your services?
  • How much is your fee for the CV service?
  • Your blog posts or social media posts are always about very critical subjects, politics, sex, porn, shocking videos and pictures, most of the posts are negative, you are not worried about losing your fan base because of that or you think the people are following you because of that?
  • Is the niche that you are currently in going to continue the same or do you have some plans for changing your approach and target market and audience or even changing your material that you are focusing on as I see from time to time you are somehow changing your approach?
  • Which social media platforms you are focused on as blogger and consultant and why?
  • How many outsourced employees you currently have and can you tell us the exact job of each one of them so we understand how you structure the work of your team?
  • Did you work before on commission basis from revenue or profit?
  • Which hosting service you are currently using and how much it costs you?
  • What are the events in the UAE to attend for the people who want to learn about communication, personal branding and development or entrepreneurship?
  • How many hours you spend working online a day?
  • What’s your technique for consistent blogging?
  • Don’t you think that the consultation business model is very tiring and difficult to automate as it’s purely based on you?
  • What are the most efficient ways that you use to drive clients to your seminars or coaching events?
  • How do you get more speaking engagements, what’s your strategy of pitching the companies or events?
  • What’s your selling strategy for your services, are you pitching your clients weather individuals or companies or just optimizing your content and that will direct them to you?
  • How do you select and read books, what’s your strategy?
  • What’s are your other hobbies?
  • What are you trying to proof by running barefoot?
  • Did you achieve so far at least 50% of your dream?
  • Take us through your typical working day?
  • What are the Top 3 apps that you use on your smart phone?
  • If you are just starting today in your field, from where you will start and what are you going to focus on to be more successful?
  • 3 things that you believe are the most important factors for any success?
  • What are the habits that you are trying to develop to stay efficient?
  • What are your top 3 favorite books?
  • What are the top 3 people that you are inspired by? 
  • What are the things that make you happy?
  • How people can find you or contact you?