The Top 10 Web Design & Domain Mistakes Most People Do? – Eric Spellmann – Be Efficient TV

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Eric Spellmann is The Owner and President of Spellmann & Associates, he’s an expert in Web Development, Social Media Marketing, Traffic & Leads Generations and Email Marketing

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What’s your background and how did you start in the online world?
What are the services that your company offers?

What are the things that anyone should do before taking the decision to start a building his brand or company website?
Top ten website mistakes?
How to Pick a Web Address (Domain Name)
What’s the difference between a primary domain and secondarydomain? And how to use them efficiently?
How to make sure that I use a legal pictures for my websites, any program should I use to know that my pictures are legal?
Best image size to use for my blog post? Any plugin to make thistask easier?
How to own my website rights?
How to choose the company that should design and build my website?
How much do you charge an average for a wordpress blog orecommerce site or membership site?
Which CMS or system you prefer to use when you build a website, is it wordpress or others and why?
Your favorite theme providers?
Where to host my website if I have low traffic or huge traffic?
What’s the difference between a leads and sales?
Ok now I build my website, how to market for my site to generate traffic?
How to use email marketing without spamming people, how often I should send an email to my list?
Do you manage email-marketing campaigns for customers and how much you charge if you will send 4 emails per month?
How do I tie in social media and which platform you recommendand why?
How do you see the future of social media?
Best on site and off site SEO advice that you can share with us?
Your favorite SEO plugins?
Other tips to rank well on google and be relevant to a human search?
How to avoid a SEO Scams?
How much do you charge for SEO services, how it works? Is itper keyword or monthly fee and what can you guarantee when you review a site before you say yes to accept doing an SEO management for it?
What’s the difference between bounce rate and hits?
What’s the difference between Context vs. Keywords?

Best automatic services should I use to sell ads on my site?
Best techniques to find sponsors for my site?
How to calculate the ROI of my website?
Do you offer a service that you get paid per lead or sale a certain commission?
Your most efficient strategy to continuously add contentefficiently?
Best tools to measure the traffic of a website other than google analytics?
What’s your daily life and work routine looks like?
Who’s your no.1 mentor?
What are the Top 3 apps that you use on your smart phone?
What are the habits that you are trying to develop to stayefficient?
What are your top 3 favorite books?
What are the top 3 people that you are inspired by?
Do you listen to any music when you work?
Do you follow any routine to sleep?
What makes you really happy?
How people can contact you?

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Eric Spellmann is the Owner and President of Spellmann & Associates, a technology company offering online marketing, social media management, and website design.He is a featured speaker at a number of state and national technology conferences.  His free online marketing videos continue to go viral with over 200,000 views and climbing.   His unique style appeals to all levels of audiences. He is often hired to convey technically challenging topics to non-technical people. He is often labelled a “Technology Evangelist.”

As a Texas Panhandle native, he earned his MBA from West Texas A&M University.