The Company Men (2010)

By Ahmed Al Kiremli

Movie Story

Three men in different levels are affected by the downsizing of their company and their consequent struggles.

Ahmed Al Kiremli Opinion

It’s a great drama about the struggles that many people are facing due to the current recession and corporate disasters. This movie shows what’s happening behind closed doors at many companies. It will alarm you and make you believe that if you decide to continue as employee for your entire life, you will forever be insecure, regardless of your position, experience, or how good you are, because at the end of the day, your destiny is in somebody else’s hands.
Ben Affleck, Chris Cooper, and Tommy Lee Jones really gave very good performances. The director did a very good job and made the story interesting. The director usually works on series, and you can feel a bit of that in this movie, but he really did a very good job.

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John Wells, Known for / ER (1994), The West Wing (1999) and One Hour Photo (2002)

Main Cast

Ben Affleck, Chris Cooper and Tommy Lee Jones

The Company Men Trailer

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