E8: Internet Marketing Tips & Tricks to Grow your Platform & Expand your Brand Recognition – Interview With Barry Lee Cummings

Barry Lee Cummings

 (Digital Director, Digital Marketing Strategist, Trainer and Consultant)


Barry Lee Cummings on Be Efficient TV with Ahmed Al Kiremli


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Learn More about the Differences Between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, SEM and SEO, and the Differences between facebook, twitter, google +,
Instagram and Pinterest for your Business

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Barry Lee Cummings is a digital marketing strategist and consultant helping companies generate more from their online presence and the founder of maximum net gain.

Barry Lee Cummings is a digital marketing strategist who helps businesses across market sectors to use the internet more effectively. After ten years experience working in the IT industry for companies including Microsoft and EMC, Barry established his own consultancy, Maximum Net Gain, in 2010

Maximum Net Gain provides traditional objective consultancy, while creating tailor made strategies for clients across market sectors; cutting edge technology, tourism, education, sales training, coaching, leadership and development to name but a few.

Barry is an accomplished and engaging public speaker on the subject of the online marketing jigsaw puzzle and other related topics such as search engine and website optimization, income from the internet, the entrepreneur mindset and consultative selling, who has spoken at large-scale events such as The Global Youth Forum, The Bedaya Program and PICTI.

With an approachable demeanour and a passion for sharing knowledge. Barry is able to take the techno babble speak the Digital Marketing world favours and translate it into a) language you understand and b) a workable digital strategy that will help you get from A to B from an overall marketing perspective in the most effective fashion.

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Interview Questions

• How did you start in the Internet field? And what are the 3 major
things that made you successful in it?
• You launched many products & services before, which one you
think is your biggest breakthrough and which one have made you
the most financially?
• The Internet world is changing, what happened in the last two
years? And how do you foresee the next 2 years?
• The fashion of selling educational courses online for the Internet
Marketers is slowing down over the past years, why? And what’s
the major focus of the Internet marketers nowadays?
• What’s the difference between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0? Is there’s a
Web 4.0 coming soon?
• What’s the difference between SEM & SEO?
• Many Internet consultants are out there now in the UAE & the
World, what makes you unique, please describe your secret funnel
of business creation?
• How many employees are currently working with you, and how
many of them are outsourced? • How much do you charge per hour as consultant for your
• Did you work before on commission basis from revenue, do you
have a price structure per lead or customer?
• How much do you charge for Barry’s Burgers? How it works? 
• What’s the auto responder system that you are currently using
and why?
• Is email marketing is dead as marketers have messed it up?
• Which hosting service you use? Which hosting service you
recommend for high traffic sites?
• What are the latest Google algorithm changes? And SEO
• Share with us some of your strategies that you are currently using
to get featured in the media?
• If you have the back to the future car, and you can use it to restart
your Internet marketing journey, what you will do differently to
fix the mistakes that you have done before to be more efficient?
• How do you think the affiliate marketing have changed over the
last 5 years?
• How and why you think you have succeeded as an affiliate
marketer? Share with us some examples of your successful
• Is there’s a ready program or system that allows you to add
affiliate program to your website? If Yes Which one you
• Do you recommend customizing your new e-commerce store or
using a ready service like Shopify? Why?
• Which Gateway services you recommend for UAE based on your
clients’ feedback?
• Do you recommend a stand-alone landing page or to be within a
website? Which one more credible and which one sales more?
• What are the differences between facebook, twitter, google +,
instagram and pinterest for companies and small business
• In which social media platform you are more active and why?
• Any other interesting social media platforms are a must to use for
companies, small business owners or startups?
• What are your top 5 techniques to get speaking engagements?
•  What’s the % of the paid speaking engagements?
• The Internet marketers always sell the dream of having lessworking hours than the average employee but the reality is that
most of them are working double the time, they sell the
automation lifestyle dream but they are trapped doing everything
by themselves, what do you think?
• You are a lecturer at DM3 Institute, they provide a diploma in
digital marketing, how it works and from where its credited?
• What are the must attend events or clubs for the business owners
or digital marketers in Dubai?
• What is beat the cyber bully?
• Out of the Internet world, what are your other hobbies?
• Take us through your typical working day?
• What are the Top 3 apps that you use on your smart phone?
• If you are just starting today in the internet marketing field, from
where you will start and what are you going to focus on to make
money online?
• What are the habits that you are trying to develop to stay
• What are your top 3 favorite books?
• What are the top 3 people that you are inspired by?
• What are the things that make you happy?
• How people can find you or contact you?