E61: How to Believe in your Brand & Scale it Using Youtube, Twitter and Radio – EVAN CARMICHAEL


(Business Coach who helps Entrepreneurs Believe in their Dreams and Act on them by Building their Dream Business to Achieve their Goals, he’s also a Marketing and Publicity Strategist)

EVAN CARMICHAEL on Be Efficient Tv with Ahmed Al Kiremli

How Evan is getting Paid for His Radio Show in Advance from Some Brands

Should you Bootstrap Your Business or Raise Capital from VC and Angel Investors?

Video Interview

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Evan Carmichael helps entrepreneurs. At 19, he built then sold a biotech software company. At 22 he was a venture capitalist helping raise between $500,000 and $15 million. He now runs EvanCarmichael.com, one of the world’s most popular websites for entrepreneurs. His goal is to help 1 billion entrepreneurs. He has helped set 2 world records, works 20 hours per week, uses a stand-up desk, rides a Vespa, raises funds for Kiva, and created a line of Entrepreneur trading cards. He graduated from the University of Toronto and enjoys salsa dancing, being a DJ, and the Toronto Blue Jays.

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Interview Questions

  • When you started as Entrepreneur and what’s your background?
  • Why you sold your biotech company at age 22? Why you didn’tkeep it and kept generating passive income in case of automating its operations?
  • What’s your strategy to achieve your vision of helping 1 billion entrepreneurs? I guess it’s a strategy that needs to continue after you die for hundred of years till the world first have 1 billion entrepreneurs?
  • Best tips to raise capital from angel investors?
  • Best tips to raise capital from a VC?
  • Do you help entrepreneurs raise capital, if yes how?
  • Are you still an Investor (Angel or VC)
  • What’s Kiva and your main role in it?
  • I love the motivational and inspirational videos that you share, do you edit some of them yourself?
  • Can you share your video editor name?
  • Where do you record and publish your radio show?
  • What’s your social media strategy and how do you use it to generate more leads?
  • Share with us some of your key strategies to build engagement for some brands?
  • Which PR companies or techniques do you use for the brands that you help to generate more publicity?
  • Facebook or Twitter and why?
  • How your twitter chat system works?
  • What are The 5 step process to getting tangible results from social media.
  • Your top 3 strategies to get paid speaking engagements?
  • How many team members are working with you on your projectsor marketing company, how many of them are offline and how many are outsourced?
  • What are the major services that you offer and how do you structure its cost for your clients? How much you charge for 1:1 consultation or consultation for companies?
  • What are the habits that you are trying to develop to stay efficient?
  • How people can contact you?