E6: How To Be Featured In Media, Interview Celebrities And Make The Fortune 500 Companies Hire You As A Consultant – Interview With Marie O’Riordan

Marie O’Riordan

(Media Strategist and Business Consultant)

Marie O'Riordan on Be Efficient TV with Ahmed Al Kiremli

Marie is the Last Person who Interviewed the Late Nobel Prize Winner Mother Teresa

Learn Many Techniques to be Featured Efficiently in TV, Radio and Newspapers and Master the Publicity Game

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Marie O’Riordan
She’s a Media Strategist, started at radio at 13,
then moved to tv at 14 then became an award film
maker at 15, at age 20 she was reporting for CNN
then at 22 she got into philanthropy projects, she
mentored some of the fortune 500 companies such
as Jhonson and Jhonson, acted as a consultant for
the Royal Family, Mentored
Olympians Paralympians, and worked
with Hollywood Actors & National Champions


Watching Live Aid on T.V. aged ten changed Me too. I suddenly got it that by watching T.V. You could save a Life. Awesome. Funny how things turn out. Years later I got to interview Sir Bob Geldof the guy behind Live Aid and He was pretty amazing. He just tells it like it is. Radio saved Me at thirteen. I found Myself. I was finally good at something. It came naturally. Broadcasting was My dream Life come true.  T.V. at fourteen was like Heaven on Earth to Me. You cannot wait around for stuff to fall on Your lap. I constantly contacted People in Media to give Me a chance and some of them did. By fifteen I won a Film Award for a short movie I made and Sony were the sponsors. It was the highlight of My Life up until then. I was doing what I really and truly loved – communicating with ordinary, everyday People that I still believe and know are extraordinary. I love cinema. The first movie I ever went to on the big screen was E.T. and Steven Spielberg is still to this day one of My idols. I was blowing kisses at the screen on the way out. The mad thing is that in 2011 Steven Spielberg’s Assistant Director filmed an interview I did on a 5 star cruise ship in the Mediterranean. Pinched Myself – several times. Recently, I got a call from a 6 time Emmy Award™ winning filmmaker to be in their next documentary. I nearly fell off the phone and onto the floor. So, getting on or being let loose on the air in Radio at thirteen was the same time I found what this whole Personal Development stuff was all about. I have been glued to it ever since. It has really helped Me to get through the tough, rough, bad times and sometimes the fear of the good times and success.  Gosh, at one point I was afraid of success. A lot of People are.


Twenty was an interesting age to land C.N.N. To be honest, I was too young to have appreciated it at the time. In and around that time too I got to cover a U.S. Presidential visit for the Press & later Mentored a U.S. Presidential Photographer. It was surreal. A bit like now when I Mentor Government Agents. There are some really cool People I have gotten to interview face-to-face over the years and the nice thing is that they are real People with real lives and real problems just like Everyone else. I remember feeling intimidated in the presence of Sir Michael Caine but He’s a butterfly. Can You imagine, I was taller than Sylvester Stallone. Quentin Tarantino almost hurt My brain He was thinking and talking so fast. There is something supremely special about Cate Blanchett. Both times interviewing Charlize Theron were amazing experiences. She is a very strong woman and so elegantly dressed. I got to sit on the same row as Her at a movie premiere once and I could not take My eyes off of what She was wearing. Stunning. Yes, I love fashion. Real star quality. Renée Zellweger was very gracious, polite and very, very, very tiny. Pierce Brosnan, a great charity giver with a very generous spirit. Adam Sandler was so down to earth it was amazing. I can see how Hollywood Producer Susan Downey, Wife of Robert Downey Jr. keeps Him grounded. Gabriel Byrne, Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson are more than some of Ireland’s finest exports, they’re just amazing Men in different ways. Jerry Bruckheimer, Joel Schumacher and Sean William Scott etc. made Me smile and thankful that I found a love for cinema at such a young age. Jonah Hill was a gentleman. I am such a Harry Potter nut and We still listen to the audio books by Stephen Fry in the evenings. So I was delighted to have Interviewed both Dumbledore characters from J.K. Rowling’s movie series, fellow Limerick person the late Sir Richard Harris and Sir Michael Gambon. I used to be live on the Radio in studio with the late actor Oliver Reed until He flew off to Malta to film Gladiator and died. He had such a warm heart and was so giving when it came to the Community and fundraising efforts. I have been amazingly fortunate in My career to have Mentored Hollywood stars, Grammy Award winners, European Film Festival winners, the Editors-In-Chief of International Magazines, Google Staff, Vodafone, Four Star Pizza, Q Sat Broadband & Dunnes Stores Call Centre Staff, one of the World’s biggest banks Citi USA used one of My quotes, ‘You don’t need sight to see – You need vision,’ as their inspirational quote for the month in 2009. Mentoring Swiss watch makers was challenging and exciting, plus fashion Models and some of the World’s most successful Investors and young business People who have founded, invented or bought and sold Social Media Networks that became household names. And yet, despite it all, they all have one thing in common. They are just like You and I.

Fortune 500:

You, like Me, have probably been using some of their products Your whole Life. So Mentoring Fortune 500 Companies like Johnson & Johnson was like a dream the same as working with the biggest franchises in the World, training a Royal Family’s business interests, Olympians, Paralympians, World Champions, European Champions and National Champions. Hollywood, Las Vegas, Paris, London, Geneva etc. We now also problem solve for the very Biggest Companies in the World on top of the Wealth Lists. It is truly an honour. We are also delighted that they ring Us up to work with Us so they can experience the People Methods We invented that they do not have. Recently, We refused to sell Our Methods to some of the Biggest Companies in the World.

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Interview Questions

• Before we dig into the media technicalities, you are the last person who interviewed the late Nobel Prize winner, Mother Teresa as she passed away at the 5th of September 1997 and you interviewed her in the 25th of July1997,

how did you manage to have the interview?
•• How did you find Mother Teriiza as Human Being?
• You worked with many big media companies, can you share with us some efficient techniques to be featured in media?
• How can I attract the tv and radio shows to interview me?
• Why you quit the media world, is it because you didn’t want to be an employee or what’s the main reason behind that?
• Why later on you didn’t make something related to your media background like tv or radio show and as I see you mainly shifted to do consultancy        and charity work?
• What is the forever method?
• Ideal Business intelligence
• Whats the habits that you are trying to
develop to stay efficient?
• You just launched a new project called
Pitchure, how it works?
• Entrepreneurs use pitchure to raise capital or
sign contracts whats the nature of deals that
you help them close through pitcher?
• So entrepreneurs use just one of your pitching pictures explain their pitch or you help them develop a full presentation based on the    pitch requirement?
• If I May ask how much it costs, is it per project or per picture.
• Interesting that you solve problems for fortune 500 companies before they even hire you, please explain to me this amazing selling
• You interviewed many successful and inspirational people like mother tereza, hollywood celebrities, how would you prepare to interview them?
• What’s your favourite top 3 books?
• You have been involved as life coach for Opera’s Life Class Program by Opera Winfrey, was your rule as consultant for the show or you have been    interviewed by Opera as I couldn’t find the interview with Opera though my research?
• Take us through your typical working day?
• What is your top 3 people that you are inspired by?
• What’s the Top 3 apps that you use on your smart phone?
• What are the things that makes you happy?
• How people can find you or contact you?