E5: How To Raise Capital For Your Startup Through Incubators, Angels And VCs – Interview With Sacha Vekeman

Sacha Vekeman

(CEO of Scense, Managing Partner of 247 Invest Venture Capital)

Sacha Vekeman Interview on Be Efficient Tv with Ahmed Al Kiremli


How to Successfully Get Investments and Mentoring to Launch Your Start Ups and The Differences Between Raising Capital In the US, Europe and the Middle East

The Differences Between Raising Capital from Angle Investors, Incubators and VCs

Video Interview


With English and Arabic Subtitle



Sacha Vekeman is the Managing Partner of 24/7 invest Venture Capital, board member and co-founder of different companies in various fields, he’s also a mentor for many startups and big companies. He is the CEO at Scense, which is a fast growing software company. Sacha has more than 15 years of experience in large multinational corporations, technology startups and high-growth companies.

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Interview Questions

• What’s the main focus of 247 in terms of regions and industries?

• What’s the portfolio of the companies that you have invested in?

• At what stage of investment 247 get involved, early stage,
profitable companies, other stages?

• Did you go public with any of the companies that you invested in?

• Can you tell more about your background before getting involved
in the VC world? And how did you get involved in it?

• Do you personally invest out of 247 or all your investments goes
through 247?

• As you are a partner in a VC firm, means you like to have control
in the companies that you invest in, do you still like to Angel Invest in different companies and have no control over it?

• How many partners & employees you have in 247?

• What’s the major role of each employee of a typical VC
company? As many people think that the VC job is so easy and

• What’s the success rate of the companies that you or your
companies have invested in?

• How somebody can pitch you? And what are the things that you
want to see in a pitch?

• What’s iMinds, can you please clarify your major role in it?

• What’s the difference between Private Equity & Venture Capital?

• In financing & fundraising, what’s the difference between selling
technology (customer model and selling shares/stock (investment

• How to valuate a new startup? How many ways are out there to
put a value for a new startup?

• What are the companies that you have invested in, in the Middle

• Do you get involved in the company trade license or you open an
offshore company?

• What are the challenges that you face in the Middle East in terms
of finding or working with new investors or startups?

• Why most of the Angel Investors or VCs now days are focused
more on the fashion of the Technology & Online Startups, how
about the Offline Startups?

• Why all the investing concept is built around capital gain and
exiting the investment, how about cash flow? • Can you recommend some Angel Investors or VCs that works
with the offline or online industries?

• What are the other ways that you know or recommend to raise
capital for new startups?

• How much is the salary of the VC members, is true that most of
them are employees

• What are the services that you provide through Prosquare?

• Take us through your typical working day?

• What are the Top 3 apps that you use on your smart phone?

• What are the habits that you are trying to develop to stay

• What are your top 3 favorite books?

• What are the top 3 people that you are inspired by?

• What are the things that make you happy?

• How people can find you or contact you?