E48: How to Turn your Million Dollar Idea Into Reality by Leveraging Content, Media and Traffic – Interview with Pete Williams

Pete Williams

(Entrepreneur, Marketer, Productivity Expert and the Author of ‘How to Turn Your Million-Dollar Idea Into a Reality)

How to pitch the media to get a free publicity?, How to write the perfect Press Release? How to leverage content and drive traffic to your online sites?

 The story of the Authentic MCG crested Carpet, Infiniti Telecommunications and Ponsford Pen

Video Interview



Pete Williams is an entrepreneur, author, and MARKETER from Melbourne, Australia.

Before being honored “Australia’s Richard Branson” in media publications all over the continent, Pete was just 21 years old when he sold Australia’s version of Yankee Stadium, The Melbourne Cricket, Ground for under $500!

Since then he’s done some cool stuff, like write the international smash hit ‘How to Turn Your Million-Dollar Idea Into a Reality’ (and the upcoming ‘It’s Not About the Product’), and he’s created a bunch of COMPANIES including Infiniti Telecommunications, On Hold Advertising, Simply Headsets, and Preneur Group.

Lots of other people think he’s pretty good too! He’s been announced as the Global Runner-Up in the JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Awards for 2009, the Southern Region Finalist in the Ernst & Young 2010 Entrepreneur of the Year, and a member of Smart COMPANY’S 30 Under 30.

Websites & Social Media Links

Blog: https://PreneurMarketing.com/

Website: https://PeteWilliams.com.au

Podcast: https://PreneurMarketing.com/PreneurCast/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/preneur

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/preneurmarketing

LinkedIn: https://au.linkedin.com/in/preneurmarketing

Google+: https://plus.google.com/118190834427942218260






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Interview Questions

  • How and why did you start your entrepreneurial journey?
  • Who called you Australia’s Richard Branson and Why?
  • What’s the story of the Authentic MCG crested Carpet and how did you market it?
  • What are the services that you provide through infiniti telecommunications?
  • What’s the ponsford pen and why you got involve in such project?
  • What is Stitch Software and how it works?
  • You have many ventures specialized in audio like simply headsets, infiniti telecommnication, earhero?
  • How to pitch the media to get a free publicity?
  • How to write the perfect Press Release?
  • Other techniques that you use to increase the probability of being featured in the media?
  • Do you recommend any service that can help in the process of pitching the media with a monthly affordable membership fee?
  • What are the major steps that we should take action on to turn our million dollar idea into reality?
  • What are the strategies and tools that you use to drive traffic to your online sites?
  • What’s the detailed strategy that you use to create your content take us through the steps that helps you LEVERAGE your content?
  • Which online product made you the highest amount of money and which one made you the most amount of credibility & publicity and why?
  • Publishing or self publishing and why, and if the author has the publishing OPTION he or she should take it over the self-publishing option?
  • You self-published and published books tell us more about your experience, which books made more money and which ones made you more credibility?
  • Any book agents you recommend WORKING with?
  • Is the book is a MONEY MAKING tool or a credibility tool?
  • How do you market your published or selfpublished books?
  • How much it cost to rent you per hour as coach or mentor, I used the word rent you because you used it in your website J, how it works?
  • Why you partnered with Rich Schefren in the Profit Hacks project? What did you learn from this partnership?
  • How many team members are working with you online and offline and how many of them report directly to you?
  • What are the main ventures & projects that you are focused on now or starting in the near future?
  • The process of creating continuous different products online is usually automated by don’t you think its losing its automation factor by its infinite continuity and change? The point here is maybe in the long run the offline businesses are automated more efficiently in the long run with less changes through the process?
  • Selling products or services online is overrated, agree or disagree?
  • SHARE with us some of the tools or software that make you more efficient?
  • What’s your daily life and WORK routine looks like?
  • What are your other hobbies?
  • Who are your top 3 mentors?
  • The most important factors for success in 3 words?
  • What are the Top 3 apps that you use on your smart phone?
  • What are the habits that you are trying to develop to stay efficient?
  • What are your top 3 favorite books?
  • What are the top 3 people that you are inspired by?
  • Do you listen to any music when you WORK?
  • Do you follow any routine to sleep?
  • What makes you really happy?
  • How people can contact you?