Why you should Listen to your Video or Audio Content during the Editing Process?

After I finish recording the interviews of BeEfficient.Tv, I send the interview file to my video editor, then to the transcribers and translators to work on the English and Arabic transcription and subtitling, then I have an employee who’s specialised in preparing the draft for each interview of BeEfficient.Tv to be ready on my blog as draft after collecting all the content aspects from the rest of the team members which is including the final video edited version of the interview, the transcription, subtitling, interviewee bio and interview questions.

listening to content while editing the video and audio content - ahmed al kiremli

So I find the draft for all the interviews ready for my final review before the interview on my blog goes live, usually I write the title of the interview, select the categories and tags for the interview and polish some other major details to make it ready in the best possible form. Also I Schedule it for Social Media using the Buffer tool.

The struggle that I have is I always wanted to listen to the interviews that I record again but never had time to do so, so recently I decided to play the interview while I’m doing the final editing for the interview draft before it goes live as the final editing process and social media scheduling takes me from 30-45 minutes and sometimes more.

I found that listening to interview while doing the final editing is very rewarding in terms of posting a better final copy and also learning and taking more notes, as it made me listen again the content of the interview and sometimes takes notes for the things that I didn’t take notes for while I’m recording the interview with the guest, also make the final editing version of the interview more rich by choosing a better title that’s suiting the content of the interview more  plus entertaining me while doing the final editing for the interview.

What’s the process and tools that you use to produce and edit your video or audio content efficiently?