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Chris Savage

Co-Founder and CEO of Wistia

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• What’s Wistia?
• How Wistia started?
• What’s your background before Wistia?
• Can you take us through the struggle that you had before building
the idea and through the implementation?
• How different is Wistia from Youtube specially now you can have
many configurations on Youtube directly or with the help of some
plugins that allow you to have more control over your video?
• Is it true that Youtube have streaming issues comparing to
• How different is Wistia from Vimeo Pro?
• How you will compete with some plugins like Voo video or others
that cost much lower than your service and work very well with
Youtube free video hosting?
• Ok Wistia have great features but you still charge from $25-$300
a month and even you go higher than that based on the size and
bandwidth, don’t you think that’s too much? What’s the main
value for customers to switch to Wistia?
• What’s your future strategy in terms of pricing and new added features?
• How did you market Wistia before its launch and how are you
marketing it now?
• What’s the story of marketing with T-Shirts?
• How much is the highest paying customer for Wistia is paying per
month right now? Who’s the customer if I may ask?
• What’s the best email auto responders that you recommend based
on your experience of integration with Wistia?
• Is Wistia clients is only the successful companies or Internet
• How to convert viewers to leads on Wistia? What are the tools
that you provide?
• If I want to lock the video after certain period of time to be
available only for subscribers, is Wistia providing this feature?
• Streaming, analytics, social sharing, better SEO, what else unique
about Wistia? And where are you going?
• How did you raise capital for your startup?
• How much capital you raised in the first round of funding and in
an exchange for what % of equity?
• How much you raised capital so far if I may ask?
• Any new rounds are on the way?
• Did the investors have covered all their money so far and
hopefully made good profit?
• With how many employees or co-founders you started Wistia?
• After the first round of fund raising how much was the total
monthly payroll expense during the first year?
• How long it took you to get the first 50 users? And how many
users you have now?
• If you start over again Wistia from where you will start and what you will change?

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Chris Savage is the Co-Founder & CEO of Wistia, Wistia is a video marketing application that makes it really easy to host, customize, promote, and track your videos.  He founded the company in 2006 with a former Brown University classmate.