E98: On Failure And How Not To Give Up With Laura Duong A War Survival

Laura Duong

An Author and Consultant
Who Strongly Believes In Peace And Happiness

Laura Duong

Video Interview


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Ms.Duong is an author of an upcoming book “From Refugee to Jetsetter”. She ís worldly speaks 3+ languages and an entrepreneur at heart. She has an unusual background and have witnessed and sủvived experiences most people cannot even imagine. Those experiences has shaped her heart. She views everyday as a bridge of love to everyone she encounters.

A believer in indestructible happiness with is located within, in the vibrant dynamism of your own life as you struggle to challenge and overcome one obstacle after another. She is a firm believer in world peace through individual happiness. Ms. Laura Duong is a graduate of Villanova and received a B.S. in Business Administration. She has successful career from Information Technology, Finance and Biotech.

Laura worked as a Consultant and Business Development Manager at Deloitte Consulting, JP Morgan Chase and world’s largest biotech company Amgen. She holds several certifications such as Project Management Professional and Microsoft Certified System Engineer. Laura speaks 3+ languages and an entrepreneur at heart. She is an author of an upcoming book, an effective communication educator coaching many clients how to rewire their brain to communicate effectively than emotionally, public relation specialist for Advocate Model Agency (AMA), and a partner at an equity firm helping companies double their profit in 12-18 months and selling it for way more than what is worth. Laura has an insatiable hunger to end suffering and her purpose is world peace through individual happiness.

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Interview Questions

• What’s your background before transformation of leadership?
• What can you tell the people who just give up or quit?
• Can you tell us more about your coming soon book?


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