E88: Sonatta Camara On Investing Efficiently In Real Estate

Sonatta Camara

The Founder of Camara & Co. Real Estate

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Sonatta Camara is the passionate, creative founder and National Spokesperson of The Real Estate Group. For the past 13 remarkable years, she has consistently and systematically built the greatest real estate company in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. Complete with extremely experienced and committed professionals, The Real Estate Group was exclusively established in 2002 to model the way, inspire the vision, and influence the real estate industry to a positive change.

Prior to the ingenious development of The Real Estate Group, Sonatta obtained her Bachelor of Science in Finance and her Masters of Business Administration degrees from The University of Maryland. She worked with many organizations such as McKesson HBOC and Arthur Anderson where she gained valuable experience in technology and client dedication. With the skill set obtained and connections made, Sonatta was able to utilize her skills as an insightful information technology consultant and applied those skills into her confident real estate practice.

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Interview Questions

• How did you start in real estate business?
• Before Real Estate, which industry you worked in?
• How to start investing in real estate industry?
• Are you more with capital gain, investment or the cash flow investment?
• How easy to get a mortgage in US and other countries?
• Is the tax capital gain varies from state to state in US?
• How long usually your student takes action to execute?