E86: Elisha Hong On Funnels, Ads, Leads & Conversions

Elisha Hong

Funnel Expert, The CEO of Simple Marketing Solutions & The Former Director Of The Online Infrastructure For Peng Joon


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A self-starter, highly versatile internet marketer with a dynamic range and set of skills in the area of sales, persuasion, up to date online marketing technology, training, consultancy, management, front and backend internet sales funnel infrastructure,a natural problem solver and performance oriented individual that has brought in over half a million dollars in online and offline net revenue. By working with some of the top millionaires in the internet marketing industry, he have been able to Dissect, Discover and Determine what are the best kept secrets in online marketing that only few online marketers in the world can only dream to experience and implement. He’s currently the Project Director at the fastest growing global Internet Marketing start up in Asia, Malaysia.

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Interview Questions

• How did you start in the marketing funnel business?
• What is the story of the video game that led you to work with Peng Joon ?
• What is the first step to build your first funnel?
• How to acquire more leads and customers? Do you think marketing funnel is more effective tool?
• What is the top tool that you use/recommend software for email marketing and funnel building?
• How is your daily routine when you wake up in the morning?
• Facebook ads vs. Google Adwords?
• What is evergreen in terms of funnel marketing and what is the software you recommend to execute it?
• How long it takes to build marketing funnel?
• How people can contact you?