E82: Melissa Hull on Traditional Media, Cable TV & The New Media

Melissa Hull

Host Of  The Ripple Effect Television Show on WBTVN, International Speaker, Author & Artist

Video Interview



Melissa is a well sought out inspirational speaker, author, entrepreneur, business strategist and consultant, and award winning artist. She has shared the stage with Mitch Carson, Bill Walsh, James Dentley, Kevin Harrington, Joel Bauer, Forbes Riley and several other notable speakers. She is the author of “Lessons From Neverland” and is regularly sought out as a business consultant and mentor to several small businesses. She uses her own life experiences to coach and mentor others by discovering their life’s purpose, especially those who have experienced emotional trauma and unexpected adversity.

Melissa is also the proud mother of three children. In her spare time, she blesses the world with her artistry.


Interview Questions

• How did you start in the TV world
• How many years you worked in the cable tv industry
• How do you compare or see the future of traditional Media vs. the Internet?
• Why most of the experts/authors go back to traditional media to launch their products?
• What is the platform that you are in now?
• You think you can make people choose happiness? Why?
• How people can find you?