E53: How to Follow your Passion & Transform from Being a Paster to an Online Business Coach – Interview with Brian Mininger

Brian Mininger

 (Writer and A Business Coach)

Brian Mininger on Be Efficient Tv with Ahmed Al Kiremli

How to find our purpose in life? Goal vs. Purpose? What are the main keys to have work-life balance? Success Vs. Happiness Vs. Fulfilment?

Why believing in Abundance is important? How do you Motivate yourself when you feel that you are giving up?

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My Journey

I am a former bi-vocational pastor and contractor.  I was the President and founder of Home Innovations, a Design/Build remodeling firm based in Fishersville, Virginia. We provided design, construction, and fine furnishing services for the home. Beginning in 2010, I pastored a new Heartlink Network church plant in Nelson Co. Virginia called Riverbank.

For years my career and work has centered around construction.  I have always enjoyed working with my hands, but honestly I found my way to construction by default.  I had spent time in summer jobs (that paid better than fast food), church youth group mission projects, and one year serving with Habitat for Humanity, and family projects and learned some skills.  So when I got married, and I needed to provide for our family, I naturally went into construction because it was the only marketable skill that I had.  Through the years I moved from general laborer, to carpenter, and then from foreman to contractor / business owner.

But life has not always been filled with success.  In 2009, the business that I had founded and ran, Home Innovations, failed in bankruptcy.  It was one of the most difficult seasons of my life.  There were a lot of reasons for what happened, some outside of my control.  But, I was the one leading.  I was the one “at the helm when the ship went down.”  I was embarrassed, felt like a failure, and felt like I had let everybody down.  The affects were far reaching, hurting my employees, suppliers, friends and family.  For month’s I struggled with feelings of failure, worthlessness, and hopelessness.  Over the next few years I went through the slow process of healing and rebuilding my career and life.  Therefore, I have a special place in my heart for those who are trying to get back on their feet after a crisis event.  I know first hand how difficult those seasons of life can be.

Ever since I was young, I have sensed a call to pastor and help people.  I studied pastoral ministry at Liberty University and then received my Biblical Studies Certificate from Cornerstone Bible Institute.  My wife and I spent a few years in youth ministry until our twins were born and we shifted our focus to our young family.  In 2008 we started sensing a call to pastoral ministry again and began the process of relocating our family to Nelson County, VA .  Over the next 5 years we gave leadership to the establishment of the Riverbank church. During this time, I also worked bi-vocationally as the Production Department Manager for Integrity Home Contracting in Charlottesville, VA.

In 2013-14 God led me on a journey to personal and relational health that resulted in me resigning from both Integrity Home Contracting and the Riverbank church.  During this season I worked as independent construction consultant and business consultant for construction companies.  I also took this time to rest, spend time with my family, and discern my direction and God given destiny.

As a result of this journey I launched this blog in 2014 as the first step of encouraging ordinary people to fulfill their destinies through writing, coaching and speaking.

About me Personally

I met my beautiful bride during high school.  We are both pretty strong willed and had to “chill out” a little before we started dating after high school.  We were married shortly after in 1996.  We have four amazing daughters (Twins in the middle).  They are teenagers and learning to spread their wings.  I love this season of family life.

I enjoy working with my hands, being outdoors, carpentry projects, gardening and homesteading.  I believe in simple sustainable living and taking care of the wonderful earth that has been entrusted to us.

I love sports and cheering on my favorite teams…. the Atlanta Braves, Liberty Flames Football, and UVA Cavaliers basketball.

And finally, after all these years in construction, I still like my pick-up truck and power tools.  And, I am most comfortable in my jeans and a baseball cap!


I am passionate about building. I started building forts and tree-houses as child, graduated to summer jobs in the construction field, and then worked my up from a carpenter’s helper to a Class A Contractor. Now I use my passion for building to help others realize the dream of owning a home that meets their needs and desires without creating undue financial bondage.

Interview Questions


  • What’s your background and How did you start as Pastor?
  • From general laborer, to carpenter, and then from foreman to contractor, how and why you chose this path?
  • Why your business Home Innovations failed in 2009 and what did you learn from that experience?
  • Why you resigned from both Integrity Home Contracting and the Riverbank church?
  • How did you learn about internet marketing & blogging and I noticed that both you and your wife started blogging is that started after buying a certain online course or engaging with a certain mentor?
  • Do you still doing contracting work or just contracting coaching?
  • How to find and select the right contractor?
  • What are the common mistakes that people do when they select a contractor?
  • How to find our purpose in life?
  • Goal vs. Purpose?
  • What are the main keys to have work-life balance?
  • Success Vs. Happiness Vs. Fulfilment?
  • Why believing in Abundance is important?
  • How do you plan your to do list and take action on it? Which program do you use?
  • How do you motivate yourself when you feel that you are giving up?
  • Is your blogging and business-consulting career started showing some fruits?
  • How do you write and plan your blog posts efficiently?
  • What are the Tools that you Use To Increase your Income and Personal Productivity?
  • How much do you charge for 1 on 1 coaching?
  • Share with us some of the tools or software that make you more efficient?
  • What’s your daily life and work routine looks like? 
  • What are your other hobbies?
  • Who are your top 3 mentors?
  • What are the Top 3 apps that you use on your smart phone?
  • What’s the best advice that you ever received?
  • If you have the chance, what would you say to advice your younger self?
  • What are your top 3 favorite books?
  • What are the top 3 people that you are inspired by? 
  • What makes you really happy?
  • Is there’s any other question that I didn’t ask you and you wanted to talk about?

•       How people can contact you?