E2: How to Systematize, Launch, Outsource and Grow your Online Business – Interview With Kelly Azevedo

Kelly Azevedo

(The Founder of She’s Got Systems, She’s an Expert in Designing and Building Systems for the Web Entrepreneurs)

Interview of Kelly Azevedo on BeEfficient TV with Ahmed Al Kiremli on growth hacking and promotion of online businesses

An in Depth look through the Eyes of a Systematized Web Entrepreneur

How to Systematize, Launch, Outsource and Grow your Online Business


Video Interview

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Kelly Azevedo is the founder of She’s Got Systems, She’s an expert in designing and building systems for the Web Entrepreneurs

She’s Got Systems, a custom coaching program that leads clients to get support, documenting and dominating in their fields. She has worked in startup, successful six-figure and million-dollar online businesses, helping owners create the systems to serve their needs.

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Interview Questions

  • Can you tell us about your background before we dig more into systems and how to achieve them?
  • Why you decided to quit the employment life and do what you are doing now, and how did you start with that?
  • For the people who’s starting a new web business on a budget of $5000, from where they should start?
  • How to slice the marketing pie for a new internet entrepreneur?
  • Step by step how to launch a product or service in a big way?
  • Did you take over the launching campaign for certain successful products before? How much you charge for such service per hour or per month to do so?
  • How much is the average cost of launching a product will be using your system from your previous experiences
  • How to avoid the rip off of internet marketing courses?
  • How to blog consistently and efficiently?
  • What’s the tool that you use to schedule a blog post?
  • How to overcome a project procrastination?
  • How your hiring system works?
  • What the outsourcing sites that you use and how to use them efficiently?
  • How to hire and test a VA efficiently? US, Philippines or India?
  • How many offline or online employee you have? What each one of them is exactly doing in terms of tasks?
  • What’s the range that you are paying per hour for your VAs? How much is the lowest and highest rates that you pay and for which tasks?
  • Which video hosting service you use to imbed private videos only for your sites visitors or private members on our site?
  • What are the tools or plugins that you use to make a wordpress blog faster?
  • What are your top 3 plugins for wordpress?
  • What are your top 3 internet marketing tools or plugins for membership sites?
  • Can you recommend a web developer for us here in the program and share with us how much you pay them per hour?
  • What’s the auto responder that you recommend and how often you sent emails to your list?
  • What’s the best documentation system that you use for your self or your clients, and to document the work of your VAs?
  • As coach, what are the channels that you use to market your self, which one is the most efficient?
  • How much you charge for your consultation service per hour?
  • What are you main struggles as coach or entrepreneur, is it loneliness, motivation, others and how to overcome that?
  • How to systemize a consultancy business?
  • What are the things that you are eliminating from your daily life to save your time and energy?
  • How do you check your emails efficiently?