E104: Alinka Rutkowska On How To Transform From A Struggling Writer Into A Profitable Author

Alinka Rutkowska

A Multi Award Winning Author, Self Publishing Expert & Coach

Alinka Rutkowska


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Alinka Rutkowska is multi-award-winning and #1 international best-selling author and coach. She’s the founder and CEO of LibraryBub, which connects librarians with award-winning and best-selling books from independent publishers.

She’s the founder and administrator of the Readers’ Favorite forum for authors. She’s the founder and host of the “5-Figure Author Challenge,” which gives authors winning strategies to get to 5 figures in 5 months.

She’s been featured on Fox Business Network, affiliates of ABC and NBC, Author Marketing Club, The Author Hangout, Kindlepreneur, Book Marketing Mentors, Examiner, She Knows, She Writes, The Writer’s Life and many more.

Alinka can’t wait to connect with you. Go to authorremake.com to discover which 20% of authors’ marketing efforts bring 80% of results.

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Interview Questions

• What’s your background and how did you start in the authoring world?
• How many books you wrote and published so far?
• What was your first book?
• What’s your books genre focus?
• Have you tried traditional publishing?
• Take us through the process of a book launch?
• What to prepare and do before the launch?
• How to get 100 books reviews in 3 days?
• To launch both paperback and kindle or just one?
• When to launch to other platforms other than Amazon?
• Do you recommend signing with a traditional publisher after self-publishing a successful book?
• Is there’s a way to hit the New York Times best selling list as a self-published author?
• How to sell books into bookstores as a self-published author?
• How to keep the book at the top of Amazon bestselling list for years?
• How to keep selling more and more books after the launch?
• How to avoid the 4 self-publishing rip-offs?
• Most popular scams authors fall for?
• Which book marketing methods work best?
• How to use Goodreads to find readers and reviewers?
• How to generate bulk sales by talking to one person only?
• What’s the best strategy to communicate with book fans?
• Best single strategy to keep the book at the top of Amazon’s bestseller list?
• Is bookbub selling strategy is still working?
• How much is the production of an audiobook cost if you manage the production for the author?
• How to arrange book signing events?
• Best books fairs to participate in?
• How to sell books using facebook events? Take us through the process?
• Best and most recognized awards to get for a book?
• How to do a crowdfunding campaign for a book and which platform do you recommend?
• How LibraryBub works?
• What’s the added value of Readers’ Favorite forum
• Take us through the 5-Figure Author Challenge
• Best company or agent that you worked with to sell foreign rights?
• Tell us more about your other projects that you are currently working on or planning for the future?
• Share with us some of the tools or software that make you more efficient?
• What’s your daily life and work routine looks like?
• What’s one marketing strategy that helped you the most in developing your business?
• Who are your top 3 mentors?
• What are the habits that you are trying to develop to stay efficient?
• What’s the best advice that you ever received?
• What are your top 3 favorite books?
• How people can contact you?