3sal Eswed (2010)

By Ahmed Al Kiremli

Movie Story

An Egyptian American man visits his home country after twenty years with the intention to live there after his parents’ death, but he is met with a different reality and encounters unexpected things in his home county that force him to change his decision.

Ahmed Al Kiremli Opinion

In general I only watch American movies due to the big gap in quality in terms of production, performance, and many other elements between American movies and those from other countries. Comedy movies don’t require a big budget to be good, so as an exception, I watch Adel Imam movies from Egypt. But this movie makes me want to see other movies with Ahmed Helmi as well because he’s just amazing.
I went to this movie by mistake (my friend booked the movie and but didn’t tell me the name, although I don’t regret it). I saw the movie more than a week ago and I’m still laughing. This movie is a must see. Ahmed Helmi was fabulous. I was crying more than laughing, and you imagine how strong the comedy was in this movie. The best scenes, of course, were the scenes related to the English Egyptian accent, especially with the school teacher. The movie discussed major issues related to Arabic governments and their passports and how they treat foreigners compared with locals, with such a realistic perspective.
The music was by Omar Kayrat, and I discovered an amazing new singer during the movie, Reham Abdel Hakim, who gave a great performance.

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Comedy and Drama


Khalid Marei, Known for / Africano, Ayam Al Sadat and Behib El Sima

Main Cast

Ahmed Helmi, Emi Sameer Ghanim, Edward, Lotfi Labeeb and Enaam Salosa

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