Why to Learn, What to Learn, and How to Learn Efficiently?

Everything starts with learning. If you want to do anything in your life, learning is the first and right approach that you need to take, because this is how you are going to discover your options and see if you like to take action on one of these options based on your passion and your gut feeling.

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Why to Learn?

Some of us learn to achieve a goal or vision, to do something the right way, to see our alternatives, to change our lives, to live better lives, to equip ourselves before opportunity knocks on our door, to better manage our risks so we’ll be more comfortable, to provide the best future for our kids or our family, to understand how we can be happier, to add value to a community or society, to help others, to change the world, to solve a problem, to save a species from disappearing, to help our country, to manage a company more efficiently, to raise our kids the right way, or to enhance our self-esteem.