The Power of Focus Makes You More Efficient

Focus and Mental control - ahmed al kiremli

We live nowadays in a more unfocused world due to the huge technological development around us. We are surrounded by many devices, such as small laptops, smartphones, PSPs, and iPads, that help us keep connected with social media, email, and other time-consuming activities. These things make you busier and unfocused. Before these gadgets, people would get bored from doing nothing; boredom is rarely found nowadays, as we are always connected to the Internet or gaming through a device. This is putting us in an unfocused state of mind. We spend so much time entertaining ourselves, posting photos about our lives, or acting on the urgent stuff that comes through emails and ignoring the important stuff that hours, days, months, years, and decades are passing very quickly with less action taken on important things. Now generations are spending their lives watching TV and scrolling their Facebook pages just to look at successful people; instead of learning from them and taking action, we keep looking at them and feel depressed due to this lack of focus.