How Many Times Should You Be Broke In Your Life Before You Become a Successful Entrepreneur?

“Broke is temporary; poor is eternal.”  – Robert Kiyosaki

I’ve been broke many times. You know that time called “back to zero,” when you have nothing and sometimes you even owe thousands of dollars? Yes, I have been there many times, even after I made the transition to entrepreneurship. I call those times the “restart times” or, even better, “the restart time but be wiser this time.” It does not matter if you are back to zero after some failures; what really matters is what you have learned through that experience and that you know how to come back and stand on your feet.

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One of the reasons I have been able to come back is that I learned how to invest. I continued to be broke for a couple of years, because whatever I was making I was reinvesting, testing new ideas or businesses. Of course, some failed and others worked, so I was always lacking in cash flow. Sometimes you need to be able to break into a certain level of cash flow to be able to finance your other projects, but when you are in an early stage of breakthrough, the restart times might repeat again and again until you find your own magic formula of success.