Why Is it Important to Have a To Do List?

to do list

In today’s hectic world, it seems as though we are all struggling to get more done. While we are spending more and more time working, sometimes it seems as though we are actually accomplishing less. What I have discovered is that the key to accomplishing more is having a to-do list. Having a to-do list is extremely important when you want to achieve more and be more productive and efficient.

I actually use an app called 2Do, which is available on MAC, IOS and Android. If you are going to use it on your phone, I recommend that you put it on the main homepage of your smartphone, and if you are using an iPhone then add it to the bottom fixed bar so that it is readily available and visible. You also need to get in the habit of programming yourself to actually use it and checking in with it throughout the day so that you can stay on track of what you need to accomplish.

2do app ios

With 2Do, you have a tremendous amount of functionality, such as the ability to star the tasks that you create and prioritize tasks based on the priority level that you assign to them. Additionally, you can sync it with your MAC so that everything is updated automatically.

2do showing more lists names and priority level for the tasks

Different Tabs / Tasks with different Priority level (From the 2Do app on my iPhone)

It also allows you to create checklists, create projects, create different tasks, etc. Most people use it to create tasks, also you can use different due dates for tasks, assign certain action for your task such as texting or phone calls that need to be made, so that know what action needs to be taken for that particular task. You can even put a time and a location so that if something is nearby, then you will know about it. Audio notes can be added, as well.

2do appoitment

New Task Details

As you can see, you can have different tabs on the left side of the app. There is a tab for everything, where you can see all the tasks, projects and 2do lists that you have created. There is also a tap to show you only today tasks. The app will even tell you what the deadline was so that you will know how many days past due it is.

2do showing the lists names and priority level for the tasks

Different Tabs / Tasks with different Priority level (From the 2Do app on my iPhone)

You can also add different tabs based on what it is that you want to achieve. For instance, you might add a computer tab so that when you are at your computer, you can check in and see what you need to do. For most people, it is a good idea to create a work tab for their general work, but you can also create different tabs for different businesses. If you are out and about a lot, you might want to create a to-do list or tab for that as well, so that you do not forget anything while you are out. You could also create a future projects tab for those things you want to accomplish in the future, such as books you want to read, etc.

2do check or to do list

To Do List (From the 2Do app on my iPhone)


2do project

Project List (From the 2Do app on my iPhone)

Another great way to use this app is to create a calls list for the people you need to call. You might also consider creating a home tab where you can enter things you need to buy for your home. In the event that you delegate tasks to someone else, you could also create a special tab for that, as well to shift the delegated tasks into that tab. Also, this app will show you the list for items that are completed, so you know what has been done. There is also a main sidebar that shows all of the tabs you have created with different colors to distinguish the various tabs. Shifting tasks to different tab categories is also very easy to be done through this amazing app. 2do task action

If you want to be more productive and achieve more, I highly recommend the 2Do app.

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2Do app