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“We are all in search of feeling more connected to reality—to other people, the times we live in, the natural world, our character, and our own uniqueness. Our culture increasingly tends to separate us from these realities in various ways. We indulge in drugs or alcohol, or engage in dangerous sports or risky behavior, just to wake ourselves up from the sleep of our daily existence and feel a heightened sense of connection to reality. In the end, however, the most satisfying and powerful way to feel this connection is through creative activity. Engaged in the creative process we feel more alive than ever, because we are making something and not merely consuming, Masters of the small reality we create. In doing this work, we are in fact creating ourselves.”

“At your birth a seed is planted. That seed is your uniqueness. It wants to grow, transform itself, and flower to its full potential. It has a natural, assertive energy to it. Your Life’s Task is to bring that seed to flower, to express your uniqueness through your work. You have a destiny to fulfill. The stronger you feel and maintain it–as a force, a voice or in whatever form– the greater your chance of fulfilling this Life’s Task and achieving mastery.”

Some of the quick notes that I wrote while listening to the book

Asset vs. Liability

Many people don’t know the difference between asset and liability, and as a result, most of those people struggle financially. Basically, an asset is something that is going to add money to your bank account or pocket, and a liability is something that’s going to take the money from your bank account or pocket.

Asset vs. liability

When some people buy a car or a house, they think this thing is an asset. However, it’s usually a liability. If you buy a car and the car has a certain value, the value will go down the day you take it out from the dealership. There also are expenses related to the car that you are going to pay for over time, such as service, going through the car wash, insurance, and parking fees. A car basically is a liability because it’s taking money from your pocket.