Hi! I'm Ahmed Al Kiremli I HELP - Employees To Transform To Efficient Entrepreneurs - CEOs to 10x Their Business Efficiency & Results With Less Time, Effort & Cost

What Else I do

I spent the last two years writing my book The Transformation from Employee to Efficient Entrepreneur, now my editor is working on it and it will be published soon.

Many employees do the transition to entrepreneurship but they end-up working double the hours as entrepreneurs, this book wil teach you how to be an efficient entrepreneur to achieve more with less time, effort and cost.

This book will teach you how to create businesses that works without you as system by the power automation.

This book will teach you to become financially free efficiently, as you know many people become financially free, but then get into the rat race of financially freedom by keep creating more businesses that can’t be managed efficiently so they end-up richer over time but kill all their time, and time is the your most valuable asset, the point is to be fulfilled not just create more money, this book will teach you that.

I’m the former Iraqi No.1 Squash Player for 7 Years, Played 10 Years for the National Team & Still Playing Squash in Dubai League & Many Other Tournaments Locally and Internationally.

I Played with many world Squash champions including Karim Darwish (best world ranking is No.1) Mohamed Abbas (best world ranking is No. 13), Amir Wagih (best world ranking is No.16).

If you would like to have a Squash lesson with me to learn the right techniques and tactics contact me through http://www.squashindubai.com

I’ve spoken to over 30,000 people at conferences, seminars, corporate events and workshops including large-scale events, such as TEDx.

If you are an event promoter or you are running a seminar/conference and would like me to speak about any of the topics below, please get in touch with my VA, Phyllis (ahmed@ahmedalkiremli.com), with details about your event including date, location and number of delegates expected to attend.

You can check the various topics that I can Speak about here http://ahmedalkiremli.com/speaking/

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